Proud to Have Been Chosen to be South Holland’s Chairman For Another Year

Can you imagine how thrilled Christine and I were when in May 2018 the Conservative Group agreed that a final year of being Chairman was mine for the taking?

I’m thrilled and proud to have been chosen to be South Holland’s Chairman for Another Year.  In May 2015, the Conservative Group at South Holland District Council awarded me the privilege of carrying out the duties of Vice-Chairman.  I proudly carried out these duties for two years, then in May 2017 the Group agreed that I should be made Chairman of South Holland District Council.

After carrying out the role and attending civic duties for three years, it’s been a privilege and an honour to meet some incredible people.  The work, although extremely enjoyable, does however, take a toll on one’s family life because a Chairman is, not only very busy during the week, but weekends are also taken up with attending Civic and Charity events to promote South Holland everywhere you go.

This forthcoming year is very important to me because I have set myself the challenge of completing my Charity task which is to have the Spalding WWII Memorial built in Ayscoughfee’s Peace Garden. I hope and pray that I can complete this task by March 2019 so that I can also arrange a Church Service of Dedication to the Memorial before retiring as Chairman.

After my four years of Civic duties have come to an end and, with my positive hat on, with the accomplishment of the Memorial build, I look forward to returning to my duties as a Ward Councillor and get back to politics.

I say back to politics.  In May 2019, it will be back to informing the good people of the Moulton and Weston Ward what I have achieved over the past four years and hope that they will re-elect me, once more, to stand as a Conservative Candidate to represent them for four more years.

An exciting year to come.  I’m looking forward to serving South Holland District Council as Chairman.